No, “animal rights” does not mean that animals should have the right to vote…

It means that animals should have the right to their own freedom, their own families, and their own life.


It means that animals should be respected as the sentient individuals they are and as citizens of this Earth.

Killing animals should be illegal.  Enslaving animals should be illegal.  Owning animals should be illegal.  Breeding animals should be illegal.  Caging animals should be illegal.  Causing harm to animals should be illegal.  Exploiting animals to make money should be illegal.  Using animals for entertainment should be illegal.  Wearing animals should be illegal.  Eating animals should be illegal.

It used to be legal to kill, own, enslave, and exploit certain humans.  Now it is illegal.

Do humans have the capability, the intelligence, or the morals to continue to evolve and change their laws to grant animals the same basic rights of liberty and life that they demand for themselves?



Unfortunately, humans have proven to have such a psychopathic superiority complex that they can’t even imagine living without dominating, exploiting, and killing animals.

Humans believe themselves to be the pinnacle of all creation.  They believe themselves to be so superior that they have made up stories that depict themselves as the very special children of the supreme creator of the universe.  They believe that the most powerful being in the universe who created everything, sacrificed his very only son to save none other than the most important and special beings in the entire universe… humans.

These humans have a superiority complex that is truly psychopathic.

Other humans believe that the human species is the pinnacle of evolution.  They believe humans have evolved to be extraordinarily intelligent, advanced, and very, very special indeed.  They believe that humans are so superior to all the other millions of species on this planet that the other species are laughingly inferior and have absolutely no moral significance whatsoever.

These humans also have a superiority complex that is truly psychopathic.

Almost every human on this planet is deranged with this psychopathic superiority complex.  And in their madness, they systematically, without any remorse whatsoever, destroy the lives of literally trillions of innocent, sentient beings.


How can anyone love or respect a species like that?

It is truly a monster-species.


Grant liberty and life to animals?  Never.  The human species will never do it.  They will destroy this planet instead.



What Animal Liberation Really Means


I yearn for all animals to live free and wild in their own natural thriving ecosystems.

But human civilization has destroyed most of the ecosystems of the natural world, and is fast destroying the few natural ecosystems that are still left.

And there are hundreds of billions of animals who have no natural ecosystem to which they belong… for these unfortunate souls have been forced into a hellish existence by a deranged species who uses them as commodities within an artificial system they call civilization.

Domestic animals shouldn’t exist- they are an abomination of nature.  All domestic animals are literally man-made mutants.  Yet they are innocent victims of human civilization. They are individuals with thoughts, feelings, desires, and a fierce will to live. They deserve to live happy and long lives.

What is “Animal Liberation” for Domestic Animals?

For them… the domestic animals… Animal Liberation means three things:

  1. the entire human species embraces veganism completely. (This eliminates the demand for animal products.)
  2. all domestic animals currently alive are placed in sanctuaries where they are lovingly and respectfully taken care of for the rest of their natural lifespan
  3. all breeding is brought to a grinding halt. No additional domestic animals should be brought into existence.

What is Veganism?

Veganism means that animals are recognized as sentient individuals who have an innate right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It means that humans stop using animals… for anything… for anything.

Veganism is the ultimate application of The Golden Rule“Do to others as you would have them do to you”.

What is a Sanctuary?

A sanctuary is a place run by caring ethical vegans who recognize animal and human equality. Animals in good sanctuaries are treated with the utmost of respect and love.  The animals are NEVER USED for anything! Not eggs, not riding, nothing!  They are given medical care and have every need meticulously met- good food, comfortable bedding, plenty of room to run and play, companionship, etc… Every effort is made by the caregivers to provide the animals with freedom to express their natural behaviors in as “natural” an environment as we can provide (no cages).

There are large sanctuaries with many acres of land that are run by non-profit vegan organizations and many vegan volunteers using donated funds. These sanctuaries can rescue and care for hundreds of animals! (So-called “shelters” that house animals in cages are most definitely not in the category of a “sanctuary”. True sanctuaries are run by ethical vegans, not animal-eaters.)

And there are Micro-Sanctuaries run by vegan individuals in their own home with their own money caring for a very small number of rescued animals… no more than the individual’s personal resources will allow.  And again, the animals are not used for anything.

So there you have it… that is how we achieve Animal Liberation for domestic-born animals- veganism, sanctuaries, and the end of breeding.

But that’s not the end of it. What about Animal Liberation for wildlife? But aren’t they already free?


The wildlife of planet Earth is not free.

Human civilization is exploiting and destroying wildlife in a myriad of ways and destroying the ecosystems they rely on.

How do we achieve Animal Liberation for wildlife?

I see only four possible solutions for saving wildlife on this planet.

  1. Perhaps humans can transform civilization into a radically different one that exists in complete harmony with nature and doesn’t destroy anything. (This is highly unlikely as humans have not demonstrated the ability nor the desire to achieve such a noble feat.)
  2. Since it is human civilization that is destroying wildlife and natural ecosystems, the end of human civilization will save wildlife and the natural world. Humans could exist as wild beings, instead of within an artificially constructed “civilization”.
  3. The extinction of the human species. This would restore Earth to her original pristine, wild state.
  4. Veganism.

How Does Veganism Achieve Animal Liberation for Wildlife?

Animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, leather, fur, etc…) are produced by using enormous amounts of land and water as well as creating ridiculous amounts of ecosystem-destroying pollution. Veganism erases all demand for animal products, so the land and water can be reverted back to its original natural ecosystems for wildlife. (Of course, humans are obligated to directly repair the damage they did to the ecosystems to help restore them.)





Veganism completely eliminates the need for domestic animals. Domestic animals make up 65% of the vertebrate biomass on Earth. Remove that 65% with veganism, and that remarkably lowers the strain on Earth’s resources.


Veganism removes the blue portion of the graph and increases the green portion

Human civilization has a built-in expiration date. It is unsustainable. It is temporary. It uses up resources… and resources are finite.

When human civilization ends, and it will, there may or may not be a natural world left.

All life may be extinct- a direct result of human civilization. And Earth will be a dead planet, just like its cousin Mars.

But Animal Liberation for wildlife can happen! And Earth and human civilization can be saved with these three things:

  1. every human embraces veganism
  2. a massive reduction in human population
  3. a monumental alteration of the nature of civilization- instead of being based on technology, industry, and the commodification of living beings (animals), humans would become more “natural” and “wild”. They would learn how to become a harmonious part of a thriving ecosystem, instead of dominating and destroying everything

But I think we all know that none of the above things will ever really happen. It is idealist thinking… it is wishful thinking… it is magical thinking.

The reality of the situation is that the human species is deranged and insane… and is destroying itself along with all life on Earth.

Civilization will eventually come to its inevitable end. If there is still life here, and if there are still some humans… they will all be wild… along with all the Liberated Animals.

Finally wild and free!


The TRUE Meaning of Veganism

The prejudice of human supremacism (the belief in human superiority) is the root cause of ALL animal use and environmental destruction.

At its core, veganism means total respect for animals…. treating them the way we would like to be treated.

Chop down the sick, twisted, evil tree of human supremacism, and all animal use and environmental destruction will naturally fall.


Stop trying to hack away at individual branches.

Do we have the courage to face the true enemy?

The enemy is prejudice against animals and the belief in human superiority.

Human supremacism is ruining the lives of hundreds of billions of innocent, sentient beings (animals).

Human supremacism is destroying ecosystems, the environment, and the entire natural world.

Human supremacism is destroying life on Earth.

Isn’t it obvious that the belief in human superiority is a very bad thing?

Humans are not a superior life form.

Humans are not the pinnacle of creation.

Humans are not the pinnacle of evolution.

Humans are not the only sentient beings on this planet.  All animals have thoughts, feelings, friends, loved ones, habits, preferences, individual complex personalities, and a profound desire to live.

Humans are not the only species who have a right to live.

Humans are not entitled to use other sentient beings for their own self-serving whims.

Humans have no right to be “boss” of this planet and all its trillions of inhabitants (who were here millions of years before humans showed up).

Humans are not at the top of the mythical food chain. (There is no “food chain” as it is commonly depicted.  Ecosystems are circular with each component having its place within the whole.  No part of a natural, functioning ecosystem is more important than any other part.  Of course, humans have removed themselves from their original natural ecosystem and created an artificial world where they have proclaimed themselves KING!)

Humans are not superior to animals.  Think about it, animals have many characteristics that are superior to humans!  Differences do not imply superiority.  Humans have some unique characteristics in the animal kingdom… but that doesn’t make us superior.

Veganism is not just a diet or even a lifestyle.

What is veganism really?

It is the opposite of Human Supremacism.

It is a respect for animals and a commitment to treat animals the same way you would like to be treated.  Ever hear of “The Golden Rule“?



Nonvegans use a common set of arguments/excuses justifying their acts of violence, exploitation, and murder of animals.

Vegans and animal rights activists commonly respond with detailed explanations of logic, reason, and facts to debunk all the excuses.

But despite all the common justifications nonvegans openly voice, the REAL reason humans destroy the lives of animals so that they can eat them all boils down to one thing that is almost never discussed openly…

… SUPREMACISM.  Human Supremacism.  (“Humans are obviously special and superior and are therefore entitled to dominate, control, exploit, and kill animals.”)

Speciesism.  (“My species is superior to all other species.”).

Prejudice Against Animals.  (“Animals are inferior.  Animals don’t matter.”)

Psychopathic Superiority Complex.  (“I am superior to animals.  Therefore I can do anything to them and it’s okay.  I love dominating, controlling, killing, and eating animals because it makes me feel powerful and superior.  And I’m obsessed with feeling powerful and superior.”)

Nonvegans argue against all logic, reason, and compassion for injustice, violence, exploitation, torture, and murder.  They do so, because they believe animals are inferior and don’t matter.  They do so because they are Human Supremacists.  They do so because they have a psychopathic superiority complex.

Let’s be real here… you can’t reason with a psychopath.

The vast majority of humans have a psychopathic superiority complex.  There is nothing more dangerous than a group of people who believe themselves to be superior to others. While inflating their own value, they devalue their victims.   This enables them to easily commit the most despicable atrocities against those they deem inferior and still feel like good people.

Supremacism is the root cause of the Animal Holocaust.

Supremacasim is all about domination, subjugation, violence, and killing.


Supremacism is wrong.

The human species is not superior to other species.

Hey all you ego-inflated nonvegans out there… stop idolizing and glorifying yourself, while minimizing and devaluing others.

Idolizing and glorifying yourself, just because you’re human, while minimizing and devaluing animals is crazy, dangerous, sick, and twisted (psychopathic).

Get a heart, get a brain, get a conscience, get sane, and let go of your psychopathic superiority complex… and recognize and respect the value of all life in all its myriad forms.

Embrace Veganism!

Total Animal Liberation NOW!

Yeah right… like I said, you can’t reason with psychopaths.

Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness


If you believe you have a right to be alive, to be free, and to pursue happiness in whatever way you desire… yet at the same time you take away all happiness, all freedom, and the very lives of the other sentient beings on this planet (animals)…

… then you are a Human Supremacist.

You are prejudice against any living being who doesn’t happen to belong to your particular species.

Humans are not superior.

Humans are not special.

The human species is psychopathically narcissistic, and has a psychopathic superiority complex.  The human species is forcing hundreds of billions of innocent, sentient beings into lives of  agony and hell.  Then systematically murders them… all just to feel powerful and superior.

People force animals to suffer.

People are proud of the atrocities they commit against animals.  Just go to any restaurant and watch the humans proudly, happily, and with a great sense of entitlement, gorge themselves on the rotting corpses of sentient beings they paid to have tortured and murdered.

How sick, twisted, and insane humans are.

What disgusting hypocrites… loudly demanding human rights and human justice for themselves… while simultaneously taking away everything from animals… everything.

Denying all animals life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while demanding those things for yourself… it is shameful.

It is despicable.

It is evil.

It is insane.

Go to hell, nonvegan humans.



Challenging Your Beliefs

You are a meat-eater, dairy-eater, egg-eater, breeder, hunter, rancher…. and you believe you are a good person.  You believe you have morals and ethics.

Yet you believe in supremacy… as long as the ones you deem inferior are animals.

You believe in prejudice… as long as the ones you are prejudice against are animals.

You believe in slavery…as long as your slaves are animals.

You believe in violence against the defenseless and innocent… as long as the victim is an animal.

You believe in rape… as long as the victim is an animal.

You believe in torture… as long as the victim is an animal.

You believe in mass murder… as long as the victims are animals.

You believe in injustice, oppression, and dictatorship… as long as the victims are animals.

You believe in unjust imprisonment of innocents… as long as the victims are animals.

You believe in genocide… as long as the victims are animals.

You believe in kidnapping… as long as the victims are cows and their baby calves.

You believe in brutality and cruelty… as long as the victim is an animal.

You believe in killing babies… as long as the victims are baby animals.

You believe in causing suffering and death… as long as the ones suffering and dying are animals.

You believe in eating rotting corpses… as long as the corpses are animals..

You believe in eating fetuses… as long as they are bird fetuses (eggs).

You believe in turning a living, thinking, feeling, sentient being into a machine to serve your petty whims… as long as that being is an animal.

You believe animals do not have the basic right to life, liberty, and happiness.

You believe animals are nothing more than objects you are entitled to use, even though it causes harm and misery.

You believe you are a good person, yet you are a devil and a monster to animals.

When it comes to animals, your beliefs are pure evil.



The Natural World Is More Important Than Humans


The vast majority of humans believe that humans are without a doubt, the absolutely most important thing in the universe.

I will state a fact that is completely irrefutable, undeniable, obvious, and self-evident.  The fact is exceedingly simple, and here it is- Humans require the natural world to exist, but the natural world does not require humans.

If humans as a species are smart enough to understand and accept that simple fact, then we could begin to transform our civilization into an enlightened one that always puts the needs of the natural world ahead of human needs.

Humans should respect the natural world and live in a way that allows it to remain intact in every way.  But instead, humans in all their delusional superiority, destroy the natural world, disrupt it, drive out wildlife, kill wildlife, ruin ecosystems, pollute, take animals from their natural environment, breed animals, torture animals, kill animals, kill, KILL, K I L L !!!!!!  Destroy, DESTROY, D E S T R O Y !!!!!!

If humans are so intelligent and so advanced, then they should be able to figure out how to live harmoniously as part of the natural world, instead of separate from and in opposition to the natural world.  Humans build artificial environments around themselves at the expense of every other living thing.  Humans don’t mind destroying ecosystems and killing other sentient beings in order to build their filthy cities.  They put their own selfish wants and desires above everything else in existence.  It’s a superiority complex and sense of entitlement that is so extreme it has to be literally psychopathic.

Humans are either incredibly stupid, or completely insane (or both).

They destroy the very thing they need to survive.

There should never be a human need, desire, or want that overrides the needs of the natural world.  For all life, including human life, depends on the natural world for its existence.

The superiority complex that poisons the human mind will be the ultimate cause of the end of every living thing on this planet.

Fuck you people who think you are superior to every other living thing and that your delusional superiority gives you the right to cause horrendous suffering and destruction.

Fuck you people who don’t give a crap about the natural world and the beautiful, precious animals who occupy it.

Fuck you people who think humans are so goddamed special.

Fuck you people and your amoral evangelizing about how to rationalize animal slaughter.

Fuck you people who won’t stop eating animals and forcing them into lives of pure hell and terrifying deaths.

I’m sick and tired of watching the insane and stupid human species destroy the planet I live on and the precious animals I love.

Go to hell, humanity.  The sooner the better.

~ Spunky Bunny





Vegans Should NOT Respect People’s Choice to Eat Meat

Vegans should respect people’s choice to eat meat.”

Animal-eaters say it all the time.

Even some vegans think that vegans should respect people’s choice to eat meat!

If you agree, well, I’ve got news for you….

Any true vegan will never respect your choice to pay someone to torture and murder animals.


We don’t respect your choice to exploit the innocent.

We don’t respect your choice to cause horrific suffering and pain.

We don’t respect your choice to pay someone to commit heinous acts of violence against defenseless animals.

Don’t you get it?  You are choosing to hurt someone.  And you expect people to respect that?  What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you have basic decency?  Where’s your sense of right and wrong?  Have you no ethics?  Where’s your compassion for animals?  Where’s your respect for life?  Do you really, truly honestly believe that good people participate in systematic exploitation and violence?

And quit already with your ridiculous excuses for continuing to choose to hurt sweet, gentle, trusting, defenseless, sentient beings.  None of your excuses are valid.  They are all nothing more than mental gymnastics you use to ease your own guilty conscience.

Stop participating in the ruthless, merciless, fiendish, barbaric system called animal agriculture.

Get out now!… and become vegan this instant.  Don’t be a meat-eater, egg-eater, dairy-eater, fish-eater, breeder, hunter, rancher asshole for the rest of your life.

Become vegan now and I will get on my knees and bow to you with the utmost of respect.

~ Spunky Bunny